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Insulation Blown in Products

FastWeb Strips™ simplify the application of insulation fabric over exposed wooden or steel framing to make the installation of blown-in insulation easier, tighter and better!

With Clean Stud™... So Clean!

Clean Stud™ is a friction fit steel strip for the protection of framing members during the application of spray foam insulation products.

Hatch Stuffer

Hatch Stuffer

Hatch Stuffer provides a quick and effective way to insulate and seal an attic hatch.

Ecocell Batt Installation

EcoCell is pre-formed cellulose insulation available in batts and sheets in a number of sizes and thicknesses. EcoCell sheets can be used on foundation walls, backs of knee walls, attic hatches, and numerous other areas. EcoCell Batts are perfect for anywhere you have exposed studs and are looking for superior thermal and sound performance from…

Seal Block

Seal-Block For more information, or to get a quote, please call 845-913-6194 or email/contact us.   Click here for Seal-Block ASTM-E970 in pdf format Click here for Seal-Block MSDS in pdf format Click here for Seal-Block UL Testing pdf format Click here for Seal-Block Batts and Blankets UL Testing pdf format    

InCide® Pest Control Insulation InCide® Pest Control Insulation offers all the benefits of cellulose insulation combined with pest control protection. This unique product guards against most common household pests and prevents the germination of mold and mildew. InCide® installed in attics and exterior and interior walls will decrease air infiltration, provide excellent sound control properties…

Nu-Wool Cellulose NuWool is the oldest manufacturer of cellulose in the United States with production starting in 1949. Based in Jenison, MI, NuWool produces high-quality cellulose insulation for both new construction and retro-fit application. Whether you install open blown attics, dense packed walls and ceilings or damp spraying walls, NuWool is the cellulose insulation for…


Accu1 Accu1 offers a full range of insulation and fireproofing equipment as well as a complete line of accessories for the insulation and fireproofing contractor. Accu1features a high quality and high performance line of insulation blowers and vacuums. Accu1 is built on a foundation of quality products and outstanding service. It combines the manufacture of…


InTec Since 1977, both professional contractors and do-it-yourself equipment users have looked to Intec as the industry leader in the design and manufacturer of innovative portable insulation blowing equipment. Now those same individuals are profiting thru the use of our high-powered VORTEC vacuums that are Engineered for High Productivity and Built-to-Last for High Value Generation….