Clean Stud Strips

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Clean Stud Strips: Insulation Innovators Product

Spray Insulation ToolClean Stud Strips™ is a friction fit steel strip for the protection of framing members during the application of spray foam insulation products. Clean Stud™ protects the stud from overspray. These little droplets of overspray expand and become globs of foam that stick to everything they landed on. Typically, installers take the time to cover windows, doors and other finished materials but leave framing exposed. The resulting overspray that sticks to the face of the framing then must be scraped or cut off to leave a smooth, flat surface for drywall installation.

With Clean Stud™, simply snap the strips onto the face of the framing. The friction created by the cambered leg design holds them in place while the spray foam is applied. Once the spray foam application is complete, Clean Stud™ is easily pulled from the studs, leaving them perfectly clean and foam-free. The results: a professional-looking installation that is sure to make your customers, general contractors, builders and crew members happy.

Plus, the strips are reuseable, recycleable and made in America. Click here for Fast Web Spec Sheet in pdf format.

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